I want to take this first blog entry as an opportunity to thank all of the amazing people who have supported me throughout my career in cycling.  Huge thanks goes out to Jason Lardy and Nomad Marketing for the beautiful and professional design of this website.  Jason is such a pleasure to work with.  He is extremely organized, creative, and knowledgeable and I am continuously impressed by his work.  Check out his website here and if you are interested in having a website designed, he’s your guy!!


I want to thank my coaches, Manel Lacambra and Jaume Mas, for keeping me focused and driven to perform at my very best.  They have selflessly sacrificed so much time to helping me achieve my goals.  I am lucky to have such talented coaches around me and it is an honor to work with them both.


Thanks also to all of my product sponsors who make sure that I am equipped with everything I need to make this journey on the bike.  From footwear, to nutrition, to therapeutic tape, to eyewear, to training software, to clothing, helmets and all of the many components and accessories of the bike. I really feel like I am using all the best products on the market.  I am so grateful for and proud to represent all of my amazing sponsors.


Next I would like to thank one very special woman who has recently come into my life to offer her support and expertise.  Cathy Wong, founder of Champion Mobile Notary is a personal sponsor and a huge fan of women’s cycling and I am incredibly grateful to have her support.  If you ever need mobile notary services or loan signing, she’s the best!


And last but not least, I have to thank my family for never giving up hope and always believing in me.  This season has brought many challenges and many personal ups and downs.  My family and close friends were always there for me no matter what I was experiencing.  They pushed me to keep fighting, but they promised to love me no matter what the outcome.  And I would never have been able to overcome the adversity or fully enjoy the successes of the last year without their love and support.


I hope you will enjoy my website.  I am very excited to share my experiences and this journey with all of you.  Thanks for reading  ~Shelley